Handcraft type: 
  1. Fold the bill in half vertically.
  2. Make creases along the planned lines "valley" and "mountain".
  3. Vaughn angle inside the unit so that a triangle.
  4. Capturing the top layer of paper, lift the bottom corner to the middle, forming another triangle.
  5. Fold in half the resulting triangle, bending his upper corner downwards.
  6. Open the pocket.
  7. Lower the pocket down, forming a diamond.
  8. Fold the corners of the rhombus in the middle, fold the upper corner of the "mountain". Open the pocket.
  9. Fold the two sides to the middle.
  10. Fold in half one way, straighten and bend back the other way.
  11. Do the same with the other side. Turn the piece.
  12. Fold the two sides to the middle, focusing on the lines.
  13. Make the fold "valley", raising the lower side.
  14. Fold the entire piece in half, "mountain."
  15. Click on the head, shape the figure. Vaughn inside corner, bend by hand lines.

Gift bill is ready.

Level of difficulty: it is not an easy figure, interesting and unusual.

Fold the bill in half vertically.