Modeling of salt dough

Awesome salt dough that from it we can create a simple children's crafts and a true masterpiece. This material is not only versatile but is available. It is perfect for moms who love tinkering with their children. Like those who loves to decorate your home with stylish gadgets, hand-made. Articles made of dough to make a simple, but it will look spectacular. Similar artifacts from the test allow us to make frames for photos, Christmas toys, panels for interior decoration, pencil holders, small vases, boxes, candlesticks, pendants, jewelry, bracelets, hair clips! - And this is only the beginning of the list of things that you can make for yourself and as a gift.

What is required to craft
There are several salt dough recipes. Main ingredients: salt and flour. They are mixed in a ratio of 1: 1 or 2 cups flour 1 cup taken salt. Important: The salt need only small, with coarse salt dough will crumble. Water add as much to the dough turned out a little less dense than clay. Knead the dough by hand. Sometimes the dough add a tablespoon of vegetable oil to make it less stuck to the hands, the water can be replaced by jelly from starch - the dough becomes more plastic. For the manufacture of articles made of salt dough with your hands need a rolling pin to roll the dough. Cut out shapes with a knife, round shapes (suitable glasses, cups, jars required diameter), molds for pastry. The relief is applied by means of stacks, the needle rod from the handle, knife, nail clippers, combs, sharpened sticks, embossed buttons, curved dies and the tissue (eg, gauze or lace). To make the grass, the hair on your head man or sheep wool, using a tea strainer, a fine grater or a masher for garlic. Eyes make a sharpened pencil, veins on the leaves - the stack, and a smile - a teaspoon or pen cap. Interestingly it looks panels made imprints dry twigs, embossed buttons, shells, chains, beads and other items. Reprints must be done at once, until the dough has dried up. To connect the parts, wet brush smeared with a bottom surface and gently applied on top of the second part. For bulk goods need to frame. Do it from the wire or crumpled into a ball (oval) foil. The carcass may be glass, cans, bottles - anything that fits the shape. Panels must be glued to a substrate. It can be used as a standard picture frame, they come in different sizes -. From the very small to the format of 30x40 cm photo frame put a sheet of colored cardboard of the appropriate size, and it has glued product

The technology of molding
Quality handicrafts made of dough with your hands depends on the plasticity of the dough. That it is not dried up, and will not crack, separate the desired amount of dough, put the rest in a plastic bag and store in the refrigerator. It is useful to work to hold the dough in the refrigerator for two hours, so it was more elastic. Store the finished dough can be no more than three days - after that it becomes unusable. At the beginning of the dough you need a good stretch their hands, like clay. From salty dough produced masterpieces. Sometimes it seems that is not everyone can. However, all complex products are made up of simple elements. Learn to make balls, sausages, leaves, cakes, you can begin to complex compositions. The ball is made of a small piece of dough - roll it between your palms. Flatten the ball - get cake, which can be done directly on the product. To make the drop, it is necessary to zaschipnut at one end and pull. Then turn the ball and pulling the spout. Sausages do simple - to roll on the table. There may be two problems: if the dough is cracked, then it is dry. And the second. Sometimes you need some sausage the same length and thickness, such as braids. For the same sausages need to take the same amount of dough - but it comes with experience. To make a cone (carrot), you need to roll the sausage between your hands, pressing down on one end of a bit more than the other. To get the tape, you need to flatten sausage fingers (this can be done directly on the product), or ride her pencil. Cut out the dough triangles, squares and other shapes can be a knife. To all, I got a neat knife, rolling pin, cutting board, pencil, molds and all other instruments need a little bit grease with vegetable oil.