Cat and kitten

  1. Roll the sausage and cut into uniform pieces. Pieces splyusnite.
  2. Cut out the dough preform for the roof. From these circles blind by the roof, laying out rows from the bottom up.
  3. Roll out a thin sausage and place on top of the roof. Sculpt tube from a rectangular piece of dough and attach it to the roof.
  4. Stack draw the contours of the brickwork on the chimney.
  5. Roll up the cat's head in the shape of a ball.
  6. Sculpt dough oval body, and bend slightly splyusnite.
  7. Attach the cat's head to the body.
  8. Sculpt ears in the form of a cone.
  9. Cut out dough star and crescent. Paint them.
  10. Put the cat on the roof. Roll out a thin sausage - tail and attach to the body. Kitty blind by as well as the cat.
  11. The roof and chimney in red dye. Black paint Draw contours on the tube.
  12. Cat dye gray and paint it dark gray stripes. Kitty paint the white and red paint stains. Interesting to know!

Back in those days, when the New Year was celebrated in ancient Russia on September 1 it was decided to give figures of salty dough as a sign of well-being, fertility, and satiety. They are decorated with paintings typical of the area in ancient times. It was believed that if a family has similar figures from salt dough in the house will always have bread and salt on the table. Not for nothing, these figures are often called simply "hospitable

Roll the sausage and cut into uniform pieces. Pieces splyusnite.