Little man

Handcraft type: 
  1. Roll slightly rounded oblong man’s head using light pink plasticine. On one side of the head shape the chin.
  2. Separately sculpt a nose in the form of a triangular pyramid. Thinly flatten clay on one side of the pyramid, and attach the nose-to-head.
  3. Make small blue ovals, attach them to the person on both sides next to the nose. Fashion a small circles of black plasticine and stick them on top of the blue ovals. Those are the eyes.
  4. Using red plasticine roll out a small thin sausage with pointed ends and bend it.
  5. Attach the resulting red "check" under the nose – this is the mouth.
  6. Stack the nostrils.
  7. Sculpt a "pancake" made of black clay. This is going to be the hair. Make both sides of the projections for the temples.
  8. Attach the hair on the head by bending their head shape. Tip! This man can become a rider for the previous crafts - horses. The only thing you need to do for that is just to open his legs slightly, bend their knees and put man on the horse's back. On the back of a horse can be attached an oval plasticine - saddle, and insert a thread through the mouth - bridle, the end of which should be given into the hands of the man. Everything is ready for a game of cowboys of the Wild West!
  9. Roll of blue plasticine sausage, fold it in the middle – pants are ready.
  10. From the brown plasticine sculpt a boot: short sausage roll, round off one end, and record the finger outer corner of the bend, making the heel. Similarly, do the second shoe.
  11. Attach the shoe to the bottom of his pants, pressing shoe upper edge to the edge of the leg. Similarly, attach the other shoe.
  12. From the green plasticine sculpt the torso. To do this, roll a short thick cylinder, round off the edges a bit. Compress the sides of the cylinder with a slightly flattened him. Use your fingers to flatten fine clay symmetrically on both sides of the top, forming a recess, which will be attached hands.
  13. Roll of green plasticine sausage, place it in the groove, cover the protruding edges. The shirt is ready.
  14. Connect the shirt and pants.
  15. From black plasticine strip roll, wrap it around the connection point.
  16. From light pink plasticine sculpt 2 small balls - cams and attach them to the sleeves.Tip! You can make the little man's wife, blond long hair formed an elongated oval and a plasticine skirt - it needs a broad band of clay to be gathered on the top and wrap around his waist.
  17. Attach the head to the body using a small piece of plasticine, simulating the neck.
  18. Roll of brown plasticine sausage, close it in the ring and flatten so that the size of the internal opening is slightly smaller than the head size. This is field hat.
  19. Sculpt a strip of brown plasticine and close it in the ring with a diameter equal to the diameter of the holes in the hat boxes.
  20. Attach the top of the circle. The result is the top hat.
  21. Connect top hats and the fields.
  22. Put a hat on the head of a man.
  23. For stability, insert some segment of wire in one of little man’s legs.
Roll slightly rounded oblong  man’s head  using  light pink plasticine. On one side of the head shape the chin.